To complete your 2020 Membership Application Form online,

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To complete your 2020 Membership Application Form on paper click here.




Club Registration Day will be on March 28th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at Heron Park Recreation Centre.



Membership Regular Fee Mid-Season Discount*
Adult Membership $80.00 $40.00
Junior Membership $45.00 $20.00
Family** Membership $195.00 $100.00

*Mid-Season Discount - After August 1st, 2020
**Family refers to parents and their junior children

Age requirements (as at Jan 1st, 2020):
Junior - 17 & under
Adult - 18 and over

[Family Membership includes parents and their children under 18 or up to 23 if enrolled in college or university.]

For  enquiries call:

 Renate Crizzle at (416) 282-2195    or    Ian Winningham at (647) 331-9895